Our Cultivation Canvas

Nestled in the heart of Villacuri, Ica, the Don Pepe field has 900+ hectares in production, adorned with patented table grapes—each vine a testament to our commitment to quality. In Nazca, our fertile grounds extend over 1000 hectares, dedicated to the cultivation of Hass avocados and early window grapes.

But that’s not all; our orchards also boast 70+ hectares dedicated to pomegranates, marking our venture into a niche market.

Our Supply Chain

Our Fields

Our Commitment

We don’t just grow; we nurture, innovate, and redefine the agricultural landscape. Our commitment to quality, sustainability, and pushing the boundaries of possibility sets us apart.
Join us in sowing the seeds of a flavorful future. Corporacion Agrolatina—where every harvest is a masterpiece.

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