Table Grapes

Our grapes are synonymous of excellent quality and taste. Over the years Agrolatina has invested on diversifying and planting new seedless varieties, leading the trend and driving the demand for new patented grapes in the market.

Our grapes are recognized through the world for their great size, wonderful flavor and unsurpassed quality.


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Sweet Globe

Sweet Globe® is a green seedless grape of medium to large size with a round to oval-shaped berry. The skin color is pale-green to pale yellow, often with slight blemish marks. The flesh is very crisp, almost crunchy, while the skin is thin and hardly impacts on the eating experience.

Autumn Crisp

Autumn Crisp is a late-season seedless green grape. It has large, round berries with an attractive milky pale green-yellow skin. The flesh is very firm with a high level of dense crispness. The skin is hardly noticed when biting into the berry and has virtually no impact on the eating experience.


Ivory is an extremely crisp mid-season white seedless variety, Ivory grapes have large, uniform oval-elongated berries on loose bunches. Crisp in texture with a sweet, neutral.

Red Globe

The classic seeded Red Globe Grape is renowned for its huge size and extremely sweet and delicious flavor. The name comes from the shape of the berry – perfectly round. They have a long shelf life, and are a favorite of grape fans everywhere for their Brix level, which is higher than their seedless cousins.

Candy Snaps

Intense and immediately familiar; reminiscent of pineapple or melons along with a high level of sweetness with strawberry undertones and crunchy texture a juicy explosion of tropical/ fruity flavors.

Jack Salute

Jack’s Salute is a red seedless grape of medium to large size. It has a pink-crimson skin colour, sometimes lighter, sometimes darker depending on growing conditions, and an elongated to slightly oval shape (narrow ellipsoid to somewhat cylindrical). The texture is firm to crisp, with good levels of sweetness (up to 22o Brix) and a mild, but attractive flavour.


A very strong and robust red seedless grape. With dark red large crunchy berries and a sweet taste it’s easy to see why Allison is an up and coming red grape in the industry.


Timco red seedless grapes have intense color and large, slightly elongated berries. These succulent gems have a sweet and juicy flavor that will pop with each bite.


Krissy grapes have a wonderful aroma, flavor, and texture. They are round and medium in size with a violet red color. The taste of this grape defines a perfect balance between sweet and tart tones.

Candy Dreams

The intense berry/concord jam flavor from the Candy Dreams® is unbelievable and genuinely bring something unique to the table. People will be blown away by how sweet these grapes are, and the proof is in the flavor.


Sable is a delicious black seedless grape with an intense sweetness and a hint of Parma Violets that makes them truly irresistible. The berries are slightly elongate and small to medium in size. Sable is a wonderful black table grape variety that brings flavor back for consumers.

Sweet Favors

Exotic black grapes with Muscat flavors; crisp white grapes that burst like sweet liquid sunshine in your mouth.

Sweet Sapphire

Sweet Sapphire® has a dark purple, almost black skin; the interior fruit is translucent green and seedless. Sweet Sapphires® live up to the description with a dessert-sweet flavor from a sugar content that exceeds all other varieties. Each grape is so firm it can be snapped in half and large enough to be stuffed!

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