About us

Welcome to Fresh Latina, where the art of fruit distribution meets a commitment to excellence. As a proud subsidiary of Corporacion Agrolatina, we’re not just in the business of importing and distributing fruits; we’re crafting a narrative of growth, sustainability, and exceptional quality.

Our Roots

Fresh Latina sprouted from the fruitful partnership with Corporacion Agrolatina, initially serving as the exclusive distributor of grapes in the US. Today, we’ve evolved into a dynamic force, ready to embrace a broader spectrum of fruits and set new standards in the industry.

Our Commitment

Beyond fruits, we promise experiences. From seed to table, Fresh Latina delivers freshness, quality, and a touch of Latin warmth.
Join us on this flavorful journey as we redefine fruit distribution. Fresh Latina—where every fruit tells a story.

Our Vision

At Fresh Latina, we understand that the future of fruit distribution lies not only in the quality of our produce but also in our responsibility towards the planet. Join us as we pioneer new avenues in the industry, setting benchmarks for excellence, sustainability, and an unparalleled fruit-eating experience.